Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poop Tomato

Salmonela in the tomotoes, e-coli in the melons. America, wash your fruits and vegtables. That "pre-washed" bag of salad is not really washed, well not the way you would want it to be washed if you were looking to avoid eating shit stained iceberg. The one thing I don't hear on TV is the basic reason for this; Mexicans are shitting on the food supply. Yes, dirty Mexican farm hands are relieving themselves on your produce. That's why you must cook or clean everything you eat very well.

Before I sound too xenophobic let me defend my Mexican hombres by saying, well what the fuck do you expect? Have you seen toilets on those mega farms where you see illegal immigrant harvesters at work? That's hard fucking work, but I guess that's why they supposedly can't Americans to do this job. An American would demand a working toilet and a place to wash his hands. These cocksucker growers are really at fault here. Give the people a port-o-san every few thousand feet like they do at construction sites and you won't have massive food borne outbreaks.

On a different note, I am off to Canada on the high seas in a couple of hours and I probably won't be updating anytime soon. I imagine when I get back there will be something interesting to share from my end, till then, bon voyage.