Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rocky Balboa

Unless I become some kind of movie star I imagine my fate will always be tied in part to the Rocky series just from my brief 15 minutes of fame for that commercial. Last night I watched the last flick "Rocky Balboa". I was not expecting much as like all sequels it was getting progressively worse and most unwatchable. This one on the other hand had heart. Stallone went back to the roots of what made the first one so great. The old boxer is no longer a favorite and his simple life amongst the average Joe's of South Philadelphia is one of the more honest portrayals I have seen of regular folk in a while. You get a sense of the grittiness and feel for the characters and their underdog status. Rocky isn't trying to be the champ anymore but like in the original, a contender. In my opinion this movie does just that. It is a fine bookend, I would be very happy if they end it on this note.