Monday, August 20, 2007

Hypocrisy Of The Right vs. The Arrogance Of The Left

Nugent has reportedly confessed to fathering a child out of wedlock with a Dover, New Hampshire, woman who is suing the '70s rocker for child support and custody. According to the local Foster's Daily Democrat newspaper, the plaintiff, 43-year-old Karen Gutowski, filed suit against the 55-year-old Nugent last August, claiming he has provided little in the way of financial aid for their unidentified eight-year-old child despite making millions from album sales, touring and other revenue streams. Gutowski's attorney, Jeffrey Runge, told the newspaper that the musician, radio and TV host and noted outdoor enthusiast has acknowledged paternity of the young boy, but has never met the tyke and refused to provide proper financial support. "Given the fact he's worth millions and millions of dollars, he's paying the amount someone making about $20,000 per year would pay," Runge told the Daily Democrat in September.
Man, I wish I was a multi-millionaire rock star who has fathered children all over the world. how cool is that, well cool if you can support them.

But the real question here is honor, like my thesis about being that what you hate, look at Mr. Nugent. Laughing at unwed mothers and fathers who skip out on their children while himself being a stinking hypocrite.

This is a common theme. It has been my observation the ones who preach the loudest about conservative moral values are the ones who have the least honor, respect and actual morality. It's like they are so vocal about it not because they are trying to convince others, but rather themselves.

Same goes for the liberals who make big noise about minority rights. In truth, their greatest crime is on some level feeling superior to the people they are protecting. Like a momma bear shielding its dumb young from the big bad world, these people are actually talking down to minorities and telling them they are too weak and stupid to fend for themselves.

My new theorem therefore is a corollary to the old one,
You advertise that which you are not.
You can see this with the most boisterous. The guy thumping his chest and procaliming his greatness is actually the biggest loser of the group. I see it every day in modern advertising. Insurance companies telling you how great they are while news reports after every disaster tell a different story. Let me tell you, the one thing Coca Cola is not, it's not "it". The list goes on and on. I guess that's why you advertise in the first place. Convince people the opposite of what they already think of you or your product.
Poor Nuge, he actually does have many valid points to share and his music ain't bad. But like a deer that stands too long in one place the man just makes himself an easy target.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Congestion Pricing

Actually, if you live in Manhattan the idea of congestion pricing is nice. Chances are, you are well off and don't really care the few extra dollars your groceries and services will cost. You don't own a car anyway, but if you do, you can probably afford parking lots that charge a working mans rent in the outer Boroughs. So why not? Cleaner air, less noise, safer streets to cross all seem like admirable goals. Not bad.....if you have blinders on. Of course what the mayor fails to recognize is the adverse impact this plan will have on the rest of the city. Living in a Manhattnocentric universe one becomes oblivious to the plight of the common people. People in the Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx need their cars. They don't need yet another unfair tax on the middle class. Public transportation is not a convenient alternative to everyone. Speaking as a man who takes the BQE almost every day I don't want to imagine what that will look like if even more traffic is forced there. It's already a nightmare during the day.

My friend in London told me about how the same plan works there. It's great for the downtown residents but everyone living just outside the exclusion zone is miserable. The haves and the have nots all over again. I'll tell you, if the city really wants to implement this plan what are they offering in return to the people? How about some huge parking garages in places near transportation hubs? That would only make sense. You want to increase mass transit, and that is an overall worthy goal but you must help the process along. The function of the government is to help it's citizenry, not make life harder as city officials seem to continually do.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Joe Walsh

You can see twenty shows or you can see one in a year. If that single concert happens to be at the right time, with the right crowd and the right music, it will the show you remember for ever. I have pretty much seen all the bands I have ever wanted. Still, every so often one performer that rarely plays live comes around and I have to see him. Joe Walsh, the one cool guy in the Eagles has had some great songs on his own. I still get goose bumps when I hear Life Of Illusion. What a great time Sal and I had last night seeing this legend at the Beacon. More then just a great performance, the night was a sum of it's parts. From getting a perfect parking spot, to getting tanked before the show at a bar on Amsterdam Avenue. Don't get me wrong, Joe was on the money, playing every note perfectly but what's more fun then sneaking cigarettes in the men's room or getting caught in the front row and sent back to our seats as the band kicks into Life's Been Good To Me? Somewhere along the BQE above the Gowanas canal as I sat in the passenger side of my buddies Jeep trying to light a cigarette and the stray ashes blew back at me from the open window I smugly realized that yes, life can be good sometimes.

Last night was exactly what I needed. That day my temp agency pulled the rug from under me yet again. Dangling a job for next week only to yank it away at the last moment. They just suck, but Sal put things in perspective for me when he said "Why are you so mad, you didn't like that job anyway"? True. Still, who likes getting screwed with? Unfortunately, I have now less time to devote to my online activities. My mailbox is full and I don't have a job where I get paid to look at it. Henceforth I have to take the stance that I will get to it when I get to it. I just have too many other things to take care of right now. At least I will try to keep this journal going. Writing this stuff down has a soothing affect on me.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Last Day At Work

Jobs, where are they? For years now I have been contending that most of the good jobs you see posted online and in newspapers are bogus. Why you ask would a company or governmental agency go through the trouble of posting a job it has no intention of giving you? I'll tell you, these jobs are usually spoken for. Most of the time the job has already been promised to someone. A cousin, Bob from accounting, the next door neighbors son from back in the old country. Whatever, it doesn't matter. You are only looking at the posting because some law or internal corporate doctrine demands new positions be publicized.

So how do I know this? From years of being the schmuck you responds to these ghost jobs. I have also talked to people who worked in companies who confirmed this scam. Now for the first time ever you can see proof. My buddy Aaron who worked at an immigration firm showed me this. The video is a conference of lawyers in the business, hear them describe how to legally place job ads in papers they have no intention whatsoever of filling. The jobs have already been given to foreign workers. This is how they skirt visa laws that require jobs to have been offered locally first.

Beware as you might fly off the handle after watching this like I did.

Thursday, August 2, 2007


What's this image have to do with today's posting? Well, nothing, which is pretty much what I have to say today, nothing. We were discussing out favorite childhood cartoons at work this morning and being the oldest the room I stumped everyone with my G-Force reference. Turns out the show was called Battle Of The Planets, this guy was the Darth Vader like character.
Oh, I remember what I wanted to talk about. The sheer number of people in this city. I happened to take the train 1/2 hour later then usual this morning and was floored by the mass of humanity in the subway. At one point I was trying to get around a herd huddled at an escalator and was forced to tip-toe at the edge of the platform to get to the other half of the station. This really freaked me out as the side I was on had the trains coming from behind. One slip at the wrong moment and someone is going to die. I don't understand how this does not happen several times a day? Now I took this same train at the same time and on the same station last year and I can't recall this tidal wave of humanity. This city is having a population explosion that no one seems to be acknowledging. I see it in the construction of condos everywhere. I see it in the lack of parking. The highways are impassable. It's just a mess. You want to talk about overpopulation? In New York city, we are living it.