Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Say you went to Atlantic City to play a poker tournament. You walked into the room and saw that your opponents were guys employed by the casino you were playing at. Maybe even one the gentlemen was wearing a Casino jacket? You would know, quite quickly that the game was most likely rigged. Right?

So what are your options at this point?
1. You could simply walk away and not care what happens.
2. You could decide to play the game honestly and hope that your example would shame the big players into doing the right thing.
3. You could infiltrate the game play underhandedly as well.
4. You can organize a takeover of the entire casino...or die trying.
5. Or you can simply wait for the entire scheme to become so big and greedy that it implodes in on itself.

Of course none of these options seem palatable, do they? Of course not, it's not only the game that is rigged against you (the small party, the lone honest politician etc.) the entire system is geared for you to fail. Consider the game board is also slanted.

At this point I am embittered. I have now seen another year of eager, well planned out campaigns get barely a blip on the political radar because no one hears their message. You know, stubbornness and perseverance are admirable qualities, but there is also a difference between that and the guy who beats his head against a wall day after day and expects a different result.

I am not advocating giving up mind you but this cannot go on. Maybe Ron Paul was right, at the very least his message got heard? Since he has been off the scene who has even mentioned Libertarian candidates or their platforms save a few fringe publications and web sites? No one, it's not in the interest of the mainstream media to mention anything that would upset the current balance of things. So what do we do? We already have a television show and even a newspaper. At least that is something, a positive trend. The message is clear to me, those who control the media, control the reigns of power in this society. So what do we do? I propose we make our media outlets as close to the mainstream as possible. No one is reading the dailies because of their op-ed. People want some news, a little gossip and maybe the hint of some titties. Once you have their attention you can throw in slanted articles and position the stories to your own needs. Hey, Rupert Murdoch didn't invent this crap you know.

I propose an all out campaign against the stations and papers that have not reported the numbers to this election. This morning I bought the News, Post and Newsday. Not one of these papers had the totals of our candidates. It mostly read Democrat, GOP and other. Excuse me, but is it not the journalistic DUTY of these corporations to bring us the news? Do they not get special privileges on parking, press passes, special access and God only knows what else on the implicit social obligation to report that which is happening? I hereby ask that all major news organizations that did not report duly recognized vote totals be stripped of any and all perks. Please include Channel 4 and 7 to the list as they also did not bother to report the news last night. Why am I being forced to watch NY1 which isn't even a real television station to get news that should be readily available everywhere else?

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Saturday, September 12, 2009


You are missed buddy

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Misplaced Blame

The anti-Robert Moses bandwagon has been gaining steam over the last decade or so. Today he is vilified as a monster who destroyed the fabric of New York, made mega-blunders and above everything else was the boogie man incarnate because he made the overpasses at Jones Beach too small for city buses to pass under, oooo, he was racist.

Blaming Moses for all city ills is sort of akin to cursing the subway system and saying it is the worst. Both are knee-jerk reactions that fail to take into account the great things that were accomplished. The subway takes millions of people from all corners of the city to their jobs and if you even slightly remember the cars of the 70's and 80's you will realize how much better things are now. They are cleaner, they run more frequently, graffiti is gone and so are for the most part surly token dealers. Of course they could still be better. Instead of wasting time and money on a Second Avenue line so a bunch of Manhattan assholes can save 5 minute off their walks to their $7000 a month apartments, how about extending lines in the large swaths of Queens, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Staten Island that have no train service at all?

So what did Moses do? Here are some of my recent exchanges with Moses bashers.

Moses ignored rapid transt which fell into disrepair. by the way, was just in Amsterdam and Copenhagen where they have bike lanes everywhere and it seems to work out great. you dont need to take your car everywhere in a big city, I never needed too

Nice idea in small cities and places that are not spread out, but try that in Los Angeles or Montana. Bikes are a great form of exercises and recreation but this notion that they are the savior of modern man is ludicrous.

If you are a kid, into your 30's this is all very nice but then you get old, you get fat, your knees ache and you don't want to get up in the morning and go out in the rain and have a workout before you had your morning donut. Try biking from the Rockaways and then tell me how we should live like people in Copenhagen.

you must have read the same book I did, THE LAST GOOD SEASON.

Moses was insane, he wanted to put highways through the Empire State Building and CAnal Street which would have destroyed that neighborhood

historical revisionism, today's bike assholes caliming Moses was racist, Moses was pro car, blah, blah. The only thing Moses did was take a city that was stuck in the horse and buggy era and make it a modern metropolis. You want it look at that fact with modern rose colored glasses, go ahead, in my mind the man did great things.

And so what if he put a highway through C-Anal Street? how would have made it worse then what it looks like today?

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Does the damage done by this man have no end? It's common knowledge that Ronald Reagan's infatuation with the Soviet Union led almost directly to what we have today in Afghanistan. Our support of the Mujaheddin was the reason the Soviets lost that war. Of course it also is the reason that country became a radical Islamic state and everything that happened because of that. Draw your own conclusions.

We can also say that our dealing arms to Saddam Hussein during his war with Iran eboldened that dictator and created problems for us years later. Let's also not forget the arms for hostages shenanigans of Oliver North in Iran.

Now I am learning about how this neo-con demigod also inadvertently spawned the greatest gang problem since prohibition. Back in the 80's Reagan's fight against communism had us supporting the far right in El Salvador's bloody civil war. As with most such conflicts people got the fuck out of Dodge. Many came to LA. It's there that the kids of these refugees became targets of attacks from Mexican gang bangers. Some forged their own gang, MS-13. Some were deported and learned new techniques of brutality back home in the killing fields. When they slipped back into the US they brought a new level of violence to the gang wars. Today most states have problem with this gang. Even on Long Island any killing that features young Hispanic men is bound to be MS-13 related.

The impact of this president's policies is incredible. Even 20 something years later we are still cleaning up this administrations mess. Un-fucking-believable. On a minor trivia note, the devil horns gang symbol that the Salvadorans have adopted as their own is really nothing more then the hand gesture you see at all metal concerts. Originally the gang were a bunch of metal heads and stoners who hung out in LA's MacArthur Park. So I guess in that sense we can also blame Metallica and Dio for contributing to the national scourge on some level.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Wanna look like a douche? Then start wearing these market saturated designer T-shirts. They are are supposed to be a faux tattoo design, but much like the real thing you will look like you are desperately following trends and trying to look cool. Sadly, just like the real thing, you will be a tool.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Go Green

More shit I tell ya'. I watched a home improvement show on TV yesterday. The announcer was pushing all of these new fangled "green" innovations. In theory all nice. That is until you realize that more energy and raw materials need to go into those solar panels and energy conserving water heaters then they will ever realize in savings. Now, I am not advocating raping mother earth and walking around with blinders on repeating the mantra "global warming is an eco terrorist plot to destabilize the nation". Yeah right. But real conservation is much simpler then all of that.

Do you want to go green? Or at least greener? Then stop consuming. Stop producing. Stop buying useless crap. The message you see on TV is buy, buy, buy. That's the American way, buy more useless crap and help the economy and in the process you can pat yourself on the back and tell people your car gets better mileage. Of course this the antithesis of real conservation. Re-use things, don't throw them away, don't consume, don't buy should be the real message. It's sort of like spending money to lose weight. To lose weight you need to spend less, not more! Spend less on food and eat less and I personally guarantee you will lose more weight then giving Jenny Craig your credit card.

Fuck am I in a foul mood. This stuff just pisses me off. Rampant consumerism is just an outrage to my senses and in a way it really breaks into the deadly sin of pride. It's gluttony on a consumer level.

(pictured above: THE SOLAR VIBE, world's only solar powered dildo)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Why Can't Ugly People Sing?

The viral video of the week was this woman who performed on Britain' Got Talent show. The idea is that every one watching saw an old, ugly woman appear and started giggling, she then got up and blew every one away with an great performance. Maybe I am different then, because I don't see an ugly person and expect her to be unable to sing, dance, do calculus or whatever. I make no correlation between looks and talent. Maybe I would snicker if she was a contestant on America's Next Top Model but why on earth couldn't she sing, in fact, if anything, I make the opposite suppostition. I assume pretty people are less talented and got their based on their looks or whom they slept with!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

'Nuff Said

I couldn't add a single word(click on the image if it is too small)