Sunday, May 10, 2009

Go Green

More shit I tell ya'. I watched a home improvement show on TV yesterday. The announcer was pushing all of these new fangled "green" innovations. In theory all nice. That is until you realize that more energy and raw materials need to go into those solar panels and energy conserving water heaters then they will ever realize in savings. Now, I am not advocating raping mother earth and walking around with blinders on repeating the mantra "global warming is an eco terrorist plot to destabilize the nation". Yeah right. But real conservation is much simpler then all of that.

Do you want to go green? Or at least greener? Then stop consuming. Stop producing. Stop buying useless crap. The message you see on TV is buy, buy, buy. That's the American way, buy more useless crap and help the economy and in the process you can pat yourself on the back and tell people your car gets better mileage. Of course this the antithesis of real conservation. Re-use things, don't throw them away, don't consume, don't buy should be the real message. It's sort of like spending money to lose weight. To lose weight you need to spend less, not more! Spend less on food and eat less and I personally guarantee you will lose more weight then giving Jenny Craig your credit card.

Fuck am I in a foul mood. This stuff just pisses me off. Rampant consumerism is just an outrage to my senses and in a way it really breaks into the deadly sin of pride. It's gluttony on a consumer level.

(pictured above: THE SOLAR VIBE, world's only solar powered dildo)