Saturday, July 26, 2008

Year One

Quite frankly I am surprised to still be blogging one year later. I thought I would have been bored by it by now and abandoned the project. Well here's to my stick-to-it-ness. As I cull the excessive posts from the site I am reminded off all that has happened in a year for me. When I started I was still working as a temp. Boy did that job blow. The one I have now ain't no great shakes but it still beats that. The only way to get out of working with agencies is to stop working with agencies.

A year ago no one knew that Barak's middle name was Hussein, today they do and deluded still don't care. One question, we all know what the poll numbers are for blacks, latinos, me and women in the presidential race. Has anyone asked the Muslim population whom they are voting for? Would the answer be uncomfortable? A year ago we were fighting the idea of congestion pricing. Bloomy lost that one although now out of spite he is making Broadway a two-lane street I hear just to give it to drivers. Just what we need, a promenade in the busiest part of town. It must be nice to be an out of touch billionaire. I wish I was, then again when the revolution comes........

I imagine I won't keep this post up long either. Just long enough for those that care to see what's up. Tonight I will be hosting a birthday party at Barcade. All are welcome of course. I think I will also take Monday and Tuesday off. Fuck it, it's my birthday. Maybe I will go to the circus or fishing.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blown Out Of The Sky

I wanted to talk a little about Flight 800 as it was the 12 year anniversary. But I think everyone knows by know that the story about empty fuel tanks exploding was a bunch of B.S.. Aside from the 100 or so eyewitnesses who saw the missile strike the plane an airline pilot made this quote a few years after the incident "These planes are still flying with no changes (10 years later modifications were made) if the FAA really thought there was a danger with center fuel tanks they would have ordered them be filled with concrete rather then fumes."

Personally I don't know who shot down the plane. Was it a stray missile from a nearby Navy vessel? These things do happen. Could it have been pre 9/11 terrorists? I don't know, but keeping that scenario hushed up only made 9/11 inevitable. The only thing for certain is that we have been lied to. As for the truth, take your pick.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Two news stories from Long Island today that need discussing:

1.Eight on Fire Island sickened by pot brownies

July 8, 2008
Eight people on Fire Island were transported by helicopter and boat to local hospitals, where they were treated for respiratory and gastric distress after eating brownies the victims said were laced with marijuana, Ocean Beach police said.

2. Jones Beach evacuated after fireworks wash up

NEW YORK - A popular beach on Long Island was evacuated at the height of a holiday weekend after stray, unexploded fireworks washed ashore the day after a July Fourth show, state parks officials said Saturday.
Roughly 2,000 visitors were told to leave Jones Beach immediately after the seaborne shells began turning up around midday, officials said.

I use to think that the problem in this country was we have too many lawyers. There are too many of those bloodsuckers around but they are only gonna follow the money. I then though the judges were at fault for allowing the courts to be clogged with frivolous matters. But now I am convinced it's just the overall pussification of our society. I mean really, did we really need to evacuate a bunch of pot brownie eaters by helicopter? Do we really have to close an entire beach during a heat wave because of water logged fireworks? This is just plain ridiculous.

And speaking of ridiculous, the current waterfalls art project is poorly conceived. Now I support the arts as much as anyone but who in the hell thought it would be a good idea to place a massive public arts project right off the BQE? Couldn't anyone have foreseen the traffic tie-up this would cause? For the love of God, people in these parts of the world slow down to a crawl if someone is changing a tire by the side of the road!