Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I tried to watch CBS this weekend on my new converter box. Nothing doing. It is only now becoming apparent to me that the switch from analog to digital TV that was mandated by government was not only a way of controlling what we all see, you do realize that is more possible now? Alas, the real reason, or at least the driving force must have come from the cable industry. All we need do is follow the money. Who has it? Cable bills are now completely out of control. In the city, $70 gets you basic cable and 100 gets you a HBO or Showtime. These prices are ridiculous, and why? Because they have no competition. Satellite is not there yet and their service is even worse from what I have been told. Your signal goes out when it rains, you know, the times you are stuck indoors and might actually want to watch some television. No, I'm afraid the truth is just too plain not to see. These bastards managed to buy off our supposed representatives and imposed a system that basically does not work thereby making people more likely to switch to cable. What a shame, yet another example of big business using big government to affect the citizenry in a negative manner.