Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Harvard Street As Well

It's been a while

I noticed some of the complaints had to do with tuition debt, and while I completely agree with the sentiment "Give us a bailout instead of big corporations". I think the bigger problem here is that schools are charging too much. These days you can learn from 50 other sources if you so desire. If anything, the person who deserves the big bucks is the teacher who taught you how to read and write, she enabled you to open the world before you! OK, some degrees are useful, very useful and even enable you to function in the work you will be pursuing, but speaking as a graduate of arts and science I am disappointed.

If people here can organize a demonstration on a world wide basis, they can surely do the same with some kind of "opt out" year where everyone just stops going to Universities until they get their act together. These bastards have it coming.

OK, here are my thought from my trip to Zuccotti Park on Friday

Went again at lunch time, the movement is growing. More people then ever in Zuccotti Park but so is the police presence. Cops everywhere this morning but it seems the protesters won this battle as the City backed down on getting them out of there to clean up the park. Don't know what that was really about. Tensions are still high along Broadway where guys in stock exchange jackets argue with the hippies. Police stand on the ready. The more people show up at the park, the more it gets hairy. But I will say this, the majority of these people are college kids, the same ones I saw at NYU protesting this or that, they are pretty harmless, idealistic, actually good kids. But I see there some gutter punks in the mix, kids who really do live a more anarchistic existence. These guys were sitting in the middle of the park and smoking a joint. I can't even explain the utter lack of concern this displays. There are a thousand cops surrounding the park not to mention the hundred that must be in there undercover. Wow. Some interesting characters as well. Like the V inspired one I took a picture off, some libertarian minded guys supporting capitalism and one guy who stood holding up a sign with these three words: CONSIDER MAXIMUM WAGE. There are some good ideas out there, lot of half baked ones but I can't see this ending well for anyone I'm afraid. Only the cold weather can disperse the event, 'till then, shit can still go down.