Thursday, November 25, 2010

You know what it is?

Little old ladies who haven't been felt up in years seem to be the only ones benefiting from the new enhanced screening methods.Watching the TV coverage last night of the TSA protests were more revealing then the newscasters thought. Of course people did not "opt out" of one intrusive search over another, both are equally humiliating and people don't have time when travelling. What the reporters inadvertently did convey was the that fact that people just opted out of flying altogether. Yes, the airports were free and clear and running smoothly, but that's because anyone who could drive, board a bus or ride a train was doing just that, Amtrak reported having every single car available in service yesterday.

People have just had enough, the frisking was the final straw it seems. People will put up with just so much before they revolt. In the name of safety they will put up with even more, but these airport molestings are just not making people feel any safer, and as far as I know, the TSA has not stopped one single terroris tever. I'll tell you from personal experience that being treated like a criminal is not pleasant. I worked for Century 21 once, I lasted five days. My primary reason for leaving was the twice daily pat downs by store security that every employee was subjected to. How can we support the notion that every man is presumed innocent before a court of law but somehow is presumed a terrorist at an airport? Once again, the common man is afforded less rights then the common criminal.

The whole Government logic just seems a step behind the realities of the situation. A guy tries to blow up a plane with his shoes, we are all taking our shoes off. Another uses his underwear to smuggle a bomb, we are now being ogled and felt down to our skivies. I can't wait to see to reaction and the type of agents they hire after a future terrorist smuggles something in his ass! That is the next logical hiding spot, am I right?

I understand that the Government really has no great interest in sexually assaulting flying passengers on a daily basis, but this is a disaster. The airline industry cannot cope with yet another setback of this magnitude. Yes, people who have to fly will fly. You just can't get to Europe or California in a reasonable time period unless you take a plane, but I project the death of short and medium distance flights. Expect more mergers, bancrupcies, more fees and crappier service. The protesters didn't have to make a point, economics will. I will however like to congratulate the man in New York who showed up in underwear and the gal in LA who came in bikini, nothing like mockery to bring home a point.