Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Consider This

The very first time I had ever heard the name Blagojevich was on December 8Th. On the 9th the name was already mud (and the subject of many jokes). The curious thing was that his first mention nationally was:

CHICAGO - On Monday, Gov. Rod Blagojevich showed up at Republic Windows and Doors to proclaim support for 250 workers who refused to leave the factory after the bosses shut it down.[Daily News December 9, 2008]

The very next day, THE VERY NEXT DAY he was up on charges! What made this interesting was that I had been following the auto parts strike for some time before. What made this different then every other strike in recent American history was that the workers didn't merely walk out, they TOOK THE PLANT OVER. That's unheard of on these shores. A strike is no big deal for management, in fact other then the inconvenience, it's a great way of getting rid of unionized labor and replacing them with low cost employees. Maybe even very grateful folk who will not cause too much trouble.

Taking over the plant means something. The company can not function, they cannot hire scabs. Now the police may have to be called in. When was the last time you saw armed forces clearing out red blooded Americans who just want to get paid their fair wages? This my friends is a horse of different color. Now we are talking some major damage control, both for the company and for the state. In today's economic climate, this might be considered revolutionary:

Blagojevich on Monday ordered all state agencies to stop doing business with Bank of America to pressure the bank into using federal bailout money it received to help the laid-off workers.

"We hope that this kind of leverage and pressure will encourage Bank of America to do the right thing for this business," Blagojevich said outside the plant
[Yahoo News December 8, 2008]

The man was openly taking on the big auto companies and even the Bank Of America.

So maybe I am paranoid, but the timing of the Governors support of the Auto Workers seems a bit more then suspicious. In this case it didn't take the Empire long to strike back. By the way, has anyone heard these tapes we are constantly hearing about?

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Bye bye Astroland, last of the Coney Island amusement parks. I imagine the Cyclone and Wonder Wheel will remain but the park with all of the cheesy rides and sideshow games is closing this weekend for good. Last night I dropped by with dozens of other city dwellers, cameras in tow, taking pictures of what in the next year or two promises to be more condos. At this point I am almost numb to seeing new building sprout out of old homes or empty lots. That's progress I imagine and I shouldn't be so resistant to change. A new house beats and old one I guess. But when you take away something that could be enjoyed by many for the use of a few, that just doesn't seem right. To me Astroland was nothing special but it belonged there and I could see the people loved it. Not your fancy shmantzy crowd, they have the Hamptons and St. Barts, but really the lowliest. The poor could go there, strollers in tow, have some cotton candy and let their children run around for a few bucks. Who benefits from a condominium? The builders, the owners, the staff and the residents. That's it. In a city that's had a population explosion in the last twelve years I fully understand the need to build more housing. However, certain things should be allowed to remain. It's not like the amusement park was a money loser. People went, but I imagine there is even more money to be made selling the land and collecting rents and taxes so the political will was not there. Man, that just sucks.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Year One

Quite frankly I am surprised to still be blogging one year later. I thought I would have been bored by it by now and abandoned the project. Well here's to my stick-to-it-ness. As I cull the excessive posts from the site I am reminded off all that has happened in a year for me. When I started I was still working as a temp. Boy did that job blow. The one I have now ain't no great shakes but it still beats that. The only way to get out of working with agencies is to stop working with agencies.

A year ago no one knew that Barak's middle name was Hussein, today they do and deluded still don't care. One question, we all know what the poll numbers are for blacks, latinos, me and women in the presidential race. Has anyone asked the Muslim population whom they are voting for? Would the answer be uncomfortable? A year ago we were fighting the idea of congestion pricing. Bloomy lost that one although now out of spite he is making Broadway a two-lane street I hear just to give it to drivers. Just what we need, a promenade in the busiest part of town. It must be nice to be an out of touch billionaire. I wish I was, then again when the revolution comes........

I imagine I won't keep this post up long either. Just long enough for those that care to see what's up. Tonight I will be hosting a birthday party at Barcade. All are welcome of course. I think I will also take Monday and Tuesday off. Fuck it, it's my birthday. Maybe I will go to the circus or fishing.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blown Out Of The Sky

I wanted to talk a little about Flight 800 as it was the 12 year anniversary. But I think everyone knows by know that the story about empty fuel tanks exploding was a bunch of B.S.. Aside from the 100 or so eyewitnesses who saw the missile strike the plane an airline pilot made this quote a few years after the incident "These planes are still flying with no changes (10 years later modifications were made) if the FAA really thought there was a danger with center fuel tanks they would have ordered them be filled with concrete rather then fumes."

Personally I don't know who shot down the plane. Was it a stray missile from a nearby Navy vessel? These things do happen. Could it have been pre 9/11 terrorists? I don't know, but keeping that scenario hushed up only made 9/11 inevitable. The only thing for certain is that we have been lied to. As for the truth, take your pick.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Two news stories from Long Island today that need discussing:

1.Eight on Fire Island sickened by pot brownies

July 8, 2008
Eight people on Fire Island were transported by helicopter and boat to local hospitals, where they were treated for respiratory and gastric distress after eating brownies the victims said were laced with marijuana, Ocean Beach police said.

2. Jones Beach evacuated after fireworks wash up

NEW YORK - A popular beach on Long Island was evacuated at the height of a holiday weekend after stray, unexploded fireworks washed ashore the day after a July Fourth show, state parks officials said Saturday.
Roughly 2,000 visitors were told to leave Jones Beach immediately after the seaborne shells began turning up around midday, officials said.

I use to think that the problem in this country was we have too many lawyers. There are too many of those bloodsuckers around but they are only gonna follow the money. I then though the judges were at fault for allowing the courts to be clogged with frivolous matters. But now I am convinced it's just the overall pussification of our society. I mean really, did we really need to evacuate a bunch of pot brownie eaters by helicopter? Do we really have to close an entire beach during a heat wave because of water logged fireworks? This is just plain ridiculous.

And speaking of ridiculous, the current waterfalls art project is poorly conceived. Now I support the arts as much as anyone but who in the hell thought it would be a good idea to place a massive public arts project right off the BQE? Couldn't anyone have foreseen the traffic tie-up this would cause? For the love of God, people in these parts of the world slow down to a crawl if someone is changing a tire by the side of the road!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Poop Tomato

Salmonela in the tomotoes, e-coli in the melons. America, wash your fruits and vegtables. That "pre-washed" bag of salad is not really washed, well not the way you would want it to be washed if you were looking to avoid eating shit stained iceberg. The one thing I don't hear on TV is the basic reason for this; Mexicans are shitting on the food supply. Yes, dirty Mexican farm hands are relieving themselves on your produce. That's why you must cook or clean everything you eat very well.

Before I sound too xenophobic let me defend my Mexican hombres by saying, well what the fuck do you expect? Have you seen toilets on those mega farms where you see illegal immigrant harvesters at work? That's hard fucking work, but I guess that's why they supposedly can't Americans to do this job. An American would demand a working toilet and a place to wash his hands. These cocksucker growers are really at fault here. Give the people a port-o-san every few thousand feet like they do at construction sites and you won't have massive food borne outbreaks.

On a different note, I am off to Canada on the high seas in a couple of hours and I probably won't be updating anytime soon. I imagine when I get back there will be something interesting to share from my end, till then, bon voyage.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rocky Balboa

Unless I become some kind of movie star I imagine my fate will always be tied in part to the Rocky series just from my brief 15 minutes of fame for that commercial. Last night I watched the last flick "Rocky Balboa". I was not expecting much as like all sequels it was getting progressively worse and most unwatchable. This one on the other hand had heart. Stallone went back to the roots of what made the first one so great. The old boxer is no longer a favorite and his simple life amongst the average Joe's of South Philadelphia is one of the more honest portrayals I have seen of regular folk in a while. You get a sense of the grittiness and feel for the characters and their underdog status. Rocky isn't trying to be the champ anymore but like in the original, a contender. In my opinion this movie does just that. It is a fine bookend, I would be very happy if they end it on this note.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Dear God

It's getting near time to go home and I have a nasty shit brewing. I figure I can last until I get home but every once in a while I let some real nastiness fly. Luckily by now the workspace is empty. I make it to the elevator bank when I feel a particularly odoriferous one coming on. I save it and hope the elevator is clear. It opens, and it is empty. I get in and let loose. I figure when I get out in the lobby no one will notice. Then the problem, the elevator stops on the very next floor. A nicely dressed older black lady is standing outside. I am too nervous to do much but to open my arms in a grand welcoming gesture. As soon as the doors close I notice from the corner of my eye that her face is contorting in gross disfigurement. She tries to mutter under her breath but when she moans "Dear God" it is clearly audible and directed at me. All I could do from laughing was to rush out as soon as the ground floor was hit. I ran home and nearly had a convulsion on the train from laughing so hard. I mean the poor woman was praying to her deity for relief that was not to come. Oh man, I'm still chuckling.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Finally Some Outrage

Can someone please explain to me why New York City must supposedly accept congestion pricing to recieve some absurd number of millions from the Federal Government? Something doesn't sound kosher, since when do the Feds stipulate that poor working shlubs must fork over $8 and $21 at a time to enter their own city?

I know some of my Manhattan readers readily aprove of this new tax on the middle class. Why not? If I chose to live in a smog filled and over crowded enviornment, I too would like the idea of less cars. But that is not the issue. Simply put, this is the City government being Manhattnocentric all over again. Same thing happens when the snow falls and its gets cleared in the city first. Same reason all roads lead to Rome. The money is being minted there and screw all of the little cogs in the wheel that make it all work. Well at least I was happy to see a few brave city council members vote against the proposal. How any single outer-botough politician voted for this is scandalous and needs to be investigated. Let's just hope someone in Albany can turn away from the bribery.

Speaking of cars, a buyer has been found for my blue car. I am torn. I really don't need two cars but this one particular vehicle has come to define me. It's old, has rust spots and belches noxious fumes but it's also tough, reliable and a thing of beauty to the right eye. I don't know, should I sell it? It might be my last chance to do so at a good price? Then again it costs virtually nothing to maintain but how long will everything keep from breaking down? And this is the year it becomes old enough to forgo emission inspections alltogether. What's your advice?

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sign Of The Times

I agree with all of the sentiments I have been reading from the comments section. The shit is about to hit the fan. Coming home today from Upstate I stopped at the Ramapo rest area on the NY State Thruway. I was shocked to see who was working the counter at McDonald's. Children! No shit, not high schoolers, but junior high 12 to 14 year olds. At first I thought to myself "how old am I getting?", but then I heard the murmurs of the other people on line with me. "Are those Junior High students?" or "This country is going to shit, who the fuck let's their children go work at a McDonlads counter?" and "This is an outrage". People were fuming. The kids behind the counter didn't seem to mind the commotion but they were also woefully unprepared for the realities of life in this adult world. When one irate customer started making a fuss about some perceived slight, all the kids could do was shrug their shoulders. The whole scene looked like something out of a Dickens novel. Children who should be playing video games and skateboarding with their friends were now thrust into some kind of proto-industrial revolution nightmare like the textile mills of the 19th Century. What the fuck happened to employment laws? What is the minimum age to work amongst highway tramps, rest stop area degenerates and serial killers?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Working Poor

When I worked as document reviewer/temporary attorney I was always surrounded by hip young attorney's. At one point I pulled out my cassette Walkman and my coworkers nearly fell on the floor laughing. These were guys with the latest MP3 players and Blackberries so my old Panasonic technology made me look like a club wielding caveman. Not so at the new job, with government workers being as poor as they are no one looks at me cross for having museum worthy audio equipment. I look around at the office and people have radio cassette players on their desks. Some listen to disc players with enormous headphones and the one person with an MP3 player is the head attorney and his unit is a cheap ass model made by Coby that you could probably get at a bargain bin at Target or Toys R Us. I feel right at home, no need to keep up with the Joneses. The other day I had a conversation with someone about LP's, but not because I was talking to some pretentious Williamsburg hipster, but simply because we both never had enough faith or money to make the complete format switch.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Daytona 500

When I was a kid watching stock car races all of the drivers looked like regular guys. They were paunchy, losing their hair, some older, some fat. Funny thing happened when NASCAR became big in the last 10 years. Suddenly all of the Richard Petty's and Cale Yarborough's were replaced by young drivers with matinee idol looks. The second big money comes into contact with something that is televised the look changes. Big money can't afford regular guys driving the cars, now we need Dale Jarred, Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhradt Jr. to sell T-shirts, mugs and posters. Nothing new here I guess. Same thing happened to wrestling and music. Budweiser physiques of King Kong Bundy and Meatloaf gave way to pretty boy video stars and steroid abusers.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Working Poor

Thing is, the file room with peoples important documents and social security numbers is open and accesible but it's the bathrooom that has a combination lock! Actually, everything is under lock and key. If I want a pencil I have to requisition it. I thought I understood, one look around me and I see why employee theft is a concern. But the other day a new realization came over me. Another department was renovating their offices in the building. The construction crews were taking out the old furniture and furnishings to the curb. Before the garbage men could haul away the old chairs, broken lamps and stained coffee tables the city employess attacked the trash like a pack of hyenas with a fresh wildebeast kill. Suddenly it became clear to me, why all of the neighboring restaraunts were cheap and crappy, why my co workers knew all the sale days at Costco, why coupons could be found on everyones desk. They are all poor. It's true, say all you want about benefits and job security, and that's all nice but these people get paid shit. What good is all of that if you have to rummage through garbage at the end of the day?

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Doing Right Ain't Got No End

I had this dream the other night. I was watching a pair of Bald Eagles hunting. Turns out they were hunting the red shouldered hawk I saw recently in the back yard. The hawk then landed next to me for protection and didn't go away until it was all clear. He also brushed me with his wing as if he was saying "thank you brother" for the help.

Maybe it's not the same thing but the other day I was leaving work when this scraggly looking thing came up to me and asked to buy a cigarette off of me. As I gave her the butt she took it with a shaking hand and said "Thanks a lot mister, it's the first cigarette I've had today, I just got out of jail". That seemed about right, she looked the part and my job is near the courts. I gave her the cigarette and told her "Well, in that case, then this one is one me. Enjoy".

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Of all the people that died in 2007 it is Richard Jewell I feel the most for. Here was a man basically killed by the government for no reason whatsoever. If you recall Richard was the security guard who saved a bunch of lives at the Atlanta Olympic Park bombing. To thank him the FBI leaked that he was a suspect. From then on the mans life was a living hell. I remember watching the national evening news when Dan Rather stated "The investigators found suspicious things in Mr. Jewell's basement like duct tape and nails". Wha? Who the fuck DOESN'T have some tape and nails in his house? I felt bad for the guy from then on. When the Feds and the papers finally cleared him years later the damage had already been done. Richard Jewell died in 2007 at the age of 44.